Face à la popularité des appareils mobiles intelligents NFC, MasterCard a augmenté la limite pour les entreprises sans contact en Europe

- Apr 27, 2020-

Avec l'utilisation croissante des cartes et des smartphones sans contact NFC, les détaillants ont commencé à accélérer et à rationaliser les processus de paiement.

MasterCard recently announced an increase in payment limits for contactless cards across Europe. The move covers 29 European countries and aims to improve the shopping experience of consumers in this region and increase the frequency of MasterCard credit card payments.

A number of initiatives have been implemented in the credit card field throughout Europe. These initiatives have greatly promoted the popularity of contactless cards and mobile devices equipped with NFC readers. MasterCard reports that at present, 75% of all MasterCard transactions on the European continent are carried out contactlessly. The increase in contactless payment limits means that cardholders and retailers will be able to make and receive more payments quickly and safely without having to enter a PIN, let alone use cash.


Milan Gauder, Director of Innovation Products, Mastercard Europe, said: & quot;Our company is one of the first to understand the potential of contactless payment and ensure that all payment terminal devices are ready by January 2020. We see people quickly accepting Contactless payment method, and make it their preferred payment method every day. Our announcement on March 25 reflects our pace of changing people & #39;s behavior and provides them with ease, convenience and convenience in a rapidly changing world. Comfortable service. & quot;

In the list of MasterCard ’s 29 European countries, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Estonia and Poland are leading in the permanent change of quotas. At the same time, other countries and regions such as the Netherlands and Greece are implementing temporary purchase restrictions to help their citizens easily purchase during the business decline caused by the current coronavirus pandemic.

Gauder said that from the beginning, MasterCard has been advocating the benefits of contactless payment as a simple, safe and fast payment method, “This means that cardholders can not only enjoy the benefits based on the way they want Great freedom to pay, and will also provide additional support for those facing daily challenges. & quot;